Your Clothing Brand Will Fail UNLESS You Do THIS

By Jonathan Santos
Mar 01, 2021
Your Clothing Brand Will Fail UNLESS You Do THIS
By Jonathan Santos x Published Sep 27, 2020 x BrandEducation

Many insights contribute to the failures and successes of businesses. We will be covering some surface level things to make note of when developing your clothing line, this is in regards to design, aesthetic, and branding. As you look at these surface level ideas and deep rooted issues, you can fix them, grow, and elevate your brand, taking your concept to a finished product. In the latest video collaboration with Mike Leisure, we go in depth on different do’s and don’ts to bring success upon your upcoming or already existing clothing brand.

Here are some points you can apply to your own brand.

Finding Your Own Lane

You have to consider the various consumers in your market but do not try to market to every single one of those people. Find a smaller lane that makes sense for you, what are those things and why did you choose to do them? One of the biggest things is using your consumer’s lifestyle to inform your design and your silhouette choices, taking your collection beyond just aesthetic, what is their day like? How many pieces will they buy from your collection to build out their lifestyle? Further building a deeper personal connection to these pieces within your collection.

Stop Over Branding Your Collection

Launching your clothing brand with way too many colors by taking your logo and putting it on a shirt sends the message, “I don’t know who’s gonna like it so i’m gonna make one for everybody.” When you make one for everybody, it looks like you didn’t try and you didn’t think hard enough about it. People might not connect to it, it’s important to look at these details and ask yourself why? Show a little bit more of a scope of what you have to offer. The general issue for some brands is that there is not enough research and there’s not enough depth to every single collection that you do so your logo is not your brand your logo is what people look at and identify with your brand but just that alone is not going to cut it.

Build Out Your Brand

The key is to fully build out your brand: if you haven’t built it out enough you rely on the logo, colors, and that single line that you have that tells what your brand is about. Research for ideas and then build out on those, as you find these key messages in your branding and collections, it’ll help. You’re gonna bring that in together and create a collection that makes sense, use your brand bible as a guideline, it is the law for you.

Instagram Marketing

The best thing to do is revert back to your brand bible, in your brand bible have talked about who your consumer is? What do they wear? When you take that into an instagram feed it’ll give you aspirations. How they wear it and what it should look like, as well as what does that model look like? That model should be who your consumer kind of looks like. You’ve got traits for success, the comfort zone and that’s all a part of the same thing, these aspirational ideas.

Then you can start throwing in influencers and people that would help inform those decisions of your consumer and not only that is once you bring in these categories of content, you can actually spread out your content in a way that makes people want to come back.

Do your research, tell your story, and be in love with the details.

For the full video where we expand on this topic, make sure you checkout the latest video on our YouTube Channel.

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