This A.I. Security System From The Future Is Protecting Businesses

By Christy Banda
Apr 07, 2021
This A.I. Security System From The Future Is Protecting Businesses
By Christy Banda x Published Apr 10, 2021 x

Entrepreneur life keeps you very busy, between home and work, there's hardly any time for you to spend worrying about the safety of your business. There's enough things to worry about in everyday life, security should be top priority. With months of research, we've finally found the right solution, one that is powered by A.I and seems to have come from the future.

But before we dive into this system, we'd like to share what you need to think about when it comes to protecting your business. First things first, with any security plan you need an outline of your facility. Entrances, exits, and windows need to be protected, every home and business is different so there is no 1 solution for everyone.

Because of various circumstances business and home owners face, we recently created an article of the top 4 DIY security systems and you can also watch that video here.

When it comes to security systems there's reactive systems that activate after a break in has occurred and there's proactive systems that prevent crimes from happening.

The system we feel comes straight out of the future is Deep Sentinel. This system is like having a professional guard keep eyes and ears on your property: they monitor the situation, engage with anyone on the property in real-time, and will contact police if needed. It's similar to a Ring, but on steroids - providing that realtime guard monitoring late into the night.

The best part is that it's super easy to set up and highly intelligent.

The Install

Get clearance from your landlord before installing exterior fixtures to make sure you don't need a licensed contractor or a permit.

After receiving your camera kit, make sure you install the app on your Android or iPhone.

The next thing to do is connect your phone to the wifi and test to see if you can stream 1080P video at the desired install location. This is important because if you can't stream or have poor connection, then the camera will not operate correctly.

Take into account how you will power the system, the 3 main power options include: POE, battery powered, or what we opted for; solar + USB battery.

With our option of choice, this allowed the install to be super simple and we don't have to worry about recharging any battering or drilling a hole to run power to them. This setup is fully wireless and allows you to access your camera feed over wifi.

Once you've established where you want to place your cameras be sure to follow the directions.

When you've installed the cameras and have your account setup, you are now ready to set the hours you want the system to operate in live guard.

With the systems use of AI it analyzes 50 images a second to determine if there is a threat present, based on what it sees a live guard will receive an alert and respond accordingly.

Having a system like this brings a peace of mind while you are away, allowing you to focus on growing your business. If you are in the market for the best security system to keep your home or business safe, Deep Sentinel is the way to go!

In our latest video, we demonstrate how we installed our system as well as provided more in depth info about Deep Sentinel, you can watch here.

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