A New Way to Print Your Apparel

A New Way to Print Your Apparel
By Sonny Vasquez x Published Aug 02, 2021 x ApparelEducationT-Shirt PrintingHeat Transfer

Are you an apparel company, own a small business or you are the creative type? If you answered YES, to any of these, you would be aware that t-shirt printing has existed for thousands of years, with traditional screen printing providing businesses and artists the ability to print most designs on t-shirts and other forms of apparel and fabrics.

You may also know that heat transfer printing was introduced in the 1960s. This style of digital printing has progressed from simple ‘iron ons’ to the present day, streamlined process of digital transfer.

Image of John Santos dressed as Charlie Chaplin
John Santos as Charlie Chaplin


The process of digital transfer or heat transfer printing consists of printers and designers printing a custom logo or design onto transfer paper. The colored ink is then transferred from the paper to the fabric using a combination of pressure and heat.

This type of heat transfer printing provides a fast and high-quality way to print onto apparel, including a diverse range of fabrics and apparel products.
Initially, when heat transfer printing was introduced, traditional screen printers were against this type of fast printing, seeing this process as lacking in quality and tradition.

Since the 1960s heat transfer printing has progressed at a startling rate. Today, the quality and durability of the prints have exceeded initial expectations, and the process currently produces high-quality prints at a fast rate and affordable price.


SupaColor is one of the best heat transfer options available today. A high-quality heat transfer company, who promotes fast and easy heat transfers for printing in superior, full color.

Image of green hat made with supa color heat transfer
Real Life Image of Supa Color Quality

With the ability to press on nearly any type of fabric, SupaColor is way ahead of the market with its streamlined process. From the pricing decision process at the beginning, receiving your transfers, to then easily press onto your fabrics.
Whether you have an order of hats you need to print onto, waterproof jackets, or any other tricky types of fabric, SupaColor uses traditional silkscreen practices, combined with digital printing to create high-quality prints, combined with a flexible and easy experience.

John Santos holding the Supa Color transfer
Example of Supa Color Heat Transfer

SupaColor is a durable, yet eco-friendly printing option, using water-based inks and recyclable transfer paper for their print transfers.


In the past, we know heat transfer printing was detested by screen printers, due to the durability and print quality not always being as reliable as traditionally screen printed products.

In recent times the quality of heat transfers has skyrocketed, and many screen printing companies currently collaborate with SupaColor, to provide all types of products to benefit the customer. The quality of the colors, the flexibility to produce transfers for challenging products and fabrics, and the ability to create products that would usually take longer to set up, have made SupaColor a go-to company for traditional screen printers, assisting print shops in growing their business.

Supa Color Customer Testimonial
Supa Color Customer Testimonial

Challenging products to print on are windbreakers, hats and any fabrics which do not take to traditional screen printing well. Some of the issues with printing on to these products or fabrics include the heat melting the fabric, or the shape of some products not fitting the screen printing application. Supa Color has made this challenging process possible.


Personal brands love using SupaColor for their ease, environmental factors, and durability. No apparel type is too difficult for these types of heat transfers. The costs are listed on the SupaColor website, and the site is very user-friendly. All new SupaColor accounts are sent a ‘Users guide’ and ‘Sample Kit’ upon set up.

If you are a personal brand, setting up your printing at home or in your office, once you have your Heat Press machine set up and materials, the printing process from start to finish is very fast. You can order directly online, receive your transfers, and print fast, all while maintaining the level of detail required for your designs.

Supa Color: Your New Favorite Option

Image of the Benefits of Supa Color Heat transfer
Benefits of Supa Color Heat Transfer

SupaColor makes sense, as the perfect, contemporary option for heat transfer printing. Whether you are a small business or a larger screen printing company providing a heat transfer option for your clients, the quality of the colors at SupaColor, with the ease of ordering and receiving transfers, and the fast turnaround from design to finished product, all ensure a successful printing experience from start to finish.

Small businesses are increasingly printing their products from home:
With the increased rate of small businesses operating from home, SupaColor is the obvious choice for quality and ease of creating your apparel range. You can check them out here.

If you want more information about how you can leverage Supacolor for your line of apparel, you're going to want to watch the video down below!

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