How You Can Start And Grow Your Brand With Print On Demand

By Sonny Vasquez
Aug 30, 2021
How You Can Start And Grow Your Brand With Print On Demand
By Sonny Vasquez x Published Sep 02, 2021 x print on demandApparel

Did you know that approximately 8% of Americans are entrepreneurs? I’m no mathematician but this percentage seems low in comparison to the 62% of Americans who have dreams of running their own business someday.

This begs the question: Why don’t the 62% act on those dreams? What stops the people from taking the leap and jump-starting their business? It often boils down to one thing:

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Money makes the world go round as they say but in this case, it acts as a roadblock for entrepreneurs wanting to work towards their goals. But it doesn’t have to, that is for those wanting to start an apparel brand.

A common misconception for those wanting to start a business is that to get started you need a hefty amount of money or some type of financial backing from investors. While this has proved to be a tried and true way of jump-starting a business, it’s not the only way.

If you’ve been a follower of John for a while, you’ll recall the many videos where he has shown entrepreneurs like you and me how to start a business with zero dollars. Now if that sounds crazy and too good to be true, I can assure you that it’s legit.
I can’t say it’s possible for every company but if you’re looking to start in the apparel industry, this one's for you.

In a recent video on the channel, John partnered with Ian and Emily from Apliiq to show you how they are changing the game for entrepreneurs ready to start a clothing line. Before I get into how you too can do this, let me introduce you to Apliiq.

Who is Apliiq?

Apliiq is a print-on-demand company that doesn’t just print on demand but “creates your brand on-demand” as John discusses in the video. What started as them making products to sell on eCommerce channels transformed into Apliiq servicing brands through those same channels. This growth has allowed them to offer private labels, patches, and woven labels for your brand.

Image of Print On Demand Facility Apliiq
Apliiq Print On Demand Facility In Los Angeles

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about the background about Apliiq, let’s get to the good stuff.

How Can Apliiq Help You Start And Grow Your Brand?

The reason Apliiq has taken the print-on-demand world by storm is because of the way they do business. With Apliiq you can start your brand with little to no money down because of their print-on-demand services.

With their print-on-demand services, you can manufacture your products only once an order has been placed. This means that you aren’t paying the up-front costs to get your product made. It also saves you money in that it goes from the manufacturer to the consumer so you aren’t paying insane shipping costs. Let me repeat it for the people in the back. With Apliiq you don’t need to house inventory for your products or ship them yourself! They do it all for you. They take your design, put it onto whatever piece of apparel you choose, and ship it straight to the consumer.

Example of Art Work for T Shirt Printing

However, I know what you must be thinking by now.

“Isn’t print on demand awful? Doesn’t it lack in quality?”

Not with Apliiq. Apliiq has changed the way many creators of apparel brands see print-on-demand. Apliiq is solely focused on bringing their customers' retail-quality products with services like offering a private label so your brand can truly feel like your own.

Growing Your Apparel Brand

Like I mentioned earlier, Apliiq not only helps start your apparel brand but they also help you scale your business as well. They do this by offering to integrate Shopify and woo-commerce into their platform. This will allow you to list saved designs onto your store and automatically process orders as well as many other benefits. It truly doesn’t get easier than that when it comes to apparel.

If you fall into that 62% of people who dream of starting their own business someday and apparel is the market you are looking to get into, this is your sign.

The facts are there, laid out on the table, so what will you do with this information?

Lose it or use it?

The decision is yours.

For more information about how you can start your apparel watch the video below.

Start Your Brand on Demand

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