How To Print T-Shirts From Home With A Laser Printer and Transfer Paper

By Christy Banda
Mar 29, 2021
How To Print T-Shirts From Home With A Laser Printer and Transfer Paper
By Christy Banda x Published Apr 01, 2021 x

Have you been looking to start your own clothing brand? If finding the perfect way to print your designs has been holding you back from starting up your business, look no further.

We've come across an awesome way to print T-Shirts on demand by using a Laser Printer and Transfer Paper. This method allows you to print in full color on practically any garment, and the best part, all from the comfort of your own home!

Things you'll need:

Printer Feautures:

- Wifi Capabilities

- Single Sheet Tray

- Multiple Sheet Tray

- 700 Prints On White Toner

How It Works:

  1. You'll want to install your RIP Software, this is included when you receive your UNINET printer.

2. Adjust your artwork to ensure it prints as best that it can. Keeping certain designs in mind, blocking out certain colors and tweaking your design can result in a flawless print.

Below we have a before and after of our design, blocking out the black really gave our print a higher quality finish!

3. Printing your sheet correctly is very important. Once you've made any necessary changes to your artwork, be sure to use white ink and utilize the "Overprint" function made available in your UNINET RIP Software.

4. While you wait for your sheet to print, ensure that your heat press is preheating at the desired temperature, we like to use ours at 310 degrees! Find what heat settings and pressure work best with your heat press.

5. Your blank is now ready for the heat press! Once the design has transferred, allow 5 minutes for your design to cool down.

6. Begin to peel your transfer sheet, for best results, gently remove the transfer sheet in a diagonal direction.

7. In order to trap the vibrancy of your print, be sure to give it a final press. Finally stretch your T-Shirt out a bit to avoid any cracking in your design.

That's it! You've designed and printed your own T-shirt at home!

The fun doesn't end there, you're options are endless. Featured below is a couple of masks we made for our friends and family!

Freshly pressed waiting to cool down before peeling

Our Takeaways

After unboxing this printer and using it for the very first time, we quickly learned that this laser printer had a huge potential to help create a variety of branded products. Unlike an inkjet printer, white toner lasts you a lot longer and the white toner on this machine is rated for 7000 prints! The money saved on ink reduces your t-shirt printing costs and allows for nice profit margins!

With an easy and convenient process you can complete all at home, UNINET IColor 560 Printer is definitely a tool that entrepreneurs can use to sell a variety of products. Whether it be apparel, accessories or even labels.

With any piece of equipment you get, there is a learning curve to it, and we created and in depth video to bring clarity and help you decide if it’s a piece of equipment you should consider for your business. To learn more, watch here.

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