How To Make A Logo With Design Crowd

By Jonathan Santos
Mar 01, 2021
How To Make A Logo With Design Crowd
By Jonathan Santos x Published Apr 06, 2018 x Education

You want to make a logo, but you have no idea where to begin? I’m often asked this question, and instead of just pointing you to a resource, or just showing you what design elements to include, I want to walk you through the process of planning to get the right one done.

All the iconic logos today have one thing in common, Aside from hundreds of millions spent on developing their brand and engraving them into your mind, they are easy to understand and relate to. Did you also know that many of these brands spent countless hours trying to pick which one to go with. The Nike swoosh is iconic today, but when they started, they weren’t very happy with it. But they needed something to go to production on their first shoe, so they used a college student and they were all like, that ones good let’s use it. That was back in the 1970’s when computers, artists and connections were word of mouth.

Today we have the internet, YouTube and all kinds of resources at our fingertips. One of which is DesignCrowd

This site connects you to thousands of graphic artists all over the world. You submit your project, put a price you are willing to spend and artists compete for the reward. Essentially giving you multiple designs to choose from, different directions and opinions in a matter of few days! But before we dive into sending out any project, I’ll review what elements you should consider in order to make a logo you are happy with and able to start using immediately.

Step 1:Name, Mission and Vision.

The first thing you need to consider is what you will be using this logo for. What industry are you getting yourself into? And what describes your brand? What words and feelings best depict what it’s about? Write those things down on paper, as they will help be the catalyst for your design as we move forward.

Step 2: Elements Of Designs

What elements of do you want to see in the logo design? What are somethings that are important to you, that you feel needs to be included in the design (if possible)

Step 3: Aesthetic

How complex or simple do you want to the logo to be? What are the boundaries you are comfortable with, or want to see in a logo design.

Step 4: Ideal Use

Where will this design be placed? Is the design simply for a t-shirt, or will you be using it on marketing materials, tags, woven labels? Not all designs transfer safely across all mediums. If a design is to intricate, it may not be able to get embroidered. Keep these things in mind when creating designs and collections.

With these 4 steps in mind, you will create a framework which will be your guide through the different stages of the logo design. Checkout the last half of this video where I show you a template you can use:

Now that you have your framework, as a graphic artist you have created boundaries to help you hone in on the project that you’re working on. If you’re not a graphic artist, this framework will help you work with graphic artists so they can better understand what you want. Whether you decide to hire local talent or decide to work with freelancers throughout the world, this template will all get on a similar page.

Now if you want to submit a project and choose amongst the best design and ONLY pay for the winning design, here are the steps to get you started:


If you just need a logo, then select the logo campaign. Or if you’d like business cards, or t-shirt designs select that option. The option you choose will help you graphic designers start to hone in on their craft.

Submit Your Project

Upload the template you created and submit the reward. Graphic artists will compete to win the bid and get your business.

Select The Winning Designs

Communicate with the graphic artists that submitted the best work and direction you wanted. Fine tune the details with them, it may also help that you gaurantee the project, so they know that if they win, they will get paid.

Once you are happy with the work and the project ends, you own the designs from the artists you selected. It’s that easy and it’s also fun.

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