How T-Shirts Are Made

By Jonathan Santos
Feb 17, 2021
How T-Shirts Are Made
By Jonathan Santos x Published Feb 25, 2021 x Education

Today we made it into Downtown LA home. You've must have seen rolls of fabrics such as these ones. These rolls of fabrics go on to become the shirts and clothing that you wear, created by designers and businesses from all over the world but you probably didn't know where and how it’s made. Your decision creates an impact on the lives of real people and the environment at large. So I'd like to peel back some layers and show you where and how your apparel is made.

2. But first let’s find out how fabric rolls are actually made. Cotton is sourced and made into fabric: From raw cotton material to soft fabric, then stronger yarn, finally spooled to make cotton fabric. (Photo)

Fabric is ready to cut for mass production.

Then the white fabric is made into different colors through the dying process and finally it is rolled up to be used for cutting. (Photo)

3. Fabric ready to cut for mass production.

This operation is owned by Bella + Canvas which is one of the largest wholesale apparel companies that still cut and dye millions of garments every week out of this California facility, Which is made in America.

(Photo - points out what's happening right now)

Why does fabric come in rolls?

The reason is the fabric is extremely light and to be able to create a shirt from it, it needs to be laid extremely flat, so it can easily be spread across a hundred foot table with little to no wrinkles.This fabric roller machine ensures it gets laid on flat every single time. (Photo)

4.  How are the designs created using a computer? (Photo)

Cutting tables cut the fabric that is laid out according to "patterns" for the apparel designs.

To save time and money the fabric is vacuumed to prevent it from moving while it is cut.The fabric is then bundled up and thrown into a bundling machine.

The role of the bundling machine is to ensure that the cut panels are safely transported to the next destination, which can be right down the street, or thousands of miles across the country to a different facility.  

6. Movement of fabrics, simply explained! (Photo)

From raw material, to dying, cutting and sewing in done in South America and to be transported back to LA which is shipped to distributors. Bella + Canvas promotes a USA strong initiative which employs thousands of workers in the USA in their Los Angeles facilities.


This  Personal note was placed in the box by me and the box was then closed.

8. Boxes like these are shipped and arrive at the fulfilment facility. (Photo)

Fulfillment facility stores and ships these products to customers and distributors all over the world. If you are a business owner and qualify to purchase wholesale, you can buy directly from their eCommerce store, OR you can also buy directly from distributors who hold a majority of stock and styles.

9. Bella canvas is raising standards but how? (Photo)

It's not enough to have a great design and fit today. People want to know how this is made and what people are spending their money on and not supporting things that are unethical and oppressing others. By not only giving them an amazing product, but being transparent. How they treat their workers, to minimize the effects on the environment.

10. But ultimately you decide! (Photo)

But ultimately you decide what brands and businesses you'll support. Most companies are producing in unsafe environments where buildings are falling and clothing is being sold for pennies on the dollar to resell to you for less than $3 bucks as they push to pinch pennies. So next time you go shopping online or in the store, stay woke.

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