How Americans Can Utilize Print On Demand Internationally

By Christy Banda
Apr 22, 2022
How Americans Can Utilize Print On Demand Internationally
By Christy Banda x Published Apr 29, 2022 x

Have you considered crossing the border for your DTG printing?

I recently travelled to Toronto, Canada for the first time, where I visited one of the biggest printing companies who service North America!

I had a blast seeing all the behind the scenes steps involved in maintaining a successful DTG company. If you’re like me, you value quality and detail while being able to order products and receive them in a short amount of time.

Some of the common questions I receive from members a part of the From The Ground Up Academy are:

  • Do you know any quality Print On Demand suppliers?
  • How long does the Print On Demand process take?
  • Should I stay local when ordering products?
  • How do I know the quality will be at a high standard?

And I found the right POD Supplier to help your needs.

At Slaite headquarters in Canada I learned all the steps in their process, from scanning an order right through to pre-treatment, DTG printing and heat pressing.

These guys really prioritize quick processing without compromising on detail and quality!

During my time at Slaite, I saw how this company manages to print and produce over 10m products per year, including what immediately happens once you hit ‘checkout’.

I witnessed everything from drying processes to embroidery (they even have two separate embroidery areas!) leaving no room for error in how Slaite creates large quantities of quality apparel in their incredible facility.

Slaite is a company who is committed to delivering volumes as quickly as possible, at any time of the year and treat every order, no matter the size, with an equal level of care, including quality control reviews.

Even better, the Slaite app makes it easy to order from anywhere in the world, from one of the largest print shops in Canada.

In our latest video, Jas Brar, the founder and owner of Slaite takes us through:

  • How he has built his company into one of the largest print shops in Canada, servicing customers throughout North America.
  • How POD can benefit your business by using DTG printing with a company who value high quality, quick processing.
  • What Jas has learned from 20 years in the industry!
  • Which is better, DTG or screen printing?’ 😉

If you’d like to expand your horizons and see exactly what goes on behind the scenes at this high level DTG company, watch below.  

I have to say, this first visit to Canada was impressive and a lot of fun!
Learning how committed this company is, will be sure to inspire you in your own business.

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