Everything You Need To Know About Screen Printing To Elevate Your Brand!

Everything You Need To Know About Screen Printing To Elevate Your Brand!
By Sonny Vasquez x Published May 12, 2021 x ApparelScreen PrintingEducationGetting Started

What started as a small operation out of his parents' garage transformed into a booming business for Austin Boyd, owner of Alive Print Shop here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Through his ventures in screen printing, he’s been able to uncover the essential tools necessary for a successful print job and in doing so can share those tools today with future customers and entrepreneurs to ensure high-quality prints for their brands.

It’s important to note that designing and creating a brand of clothing is more than slapping an image or design onto a shirt. There’s a lot of thought that goes into the process from the development of the design to the actual screen print of the shirt. Austin gives us four crucial elements that you must understand if you are considering screen printing for your apparel brand.


Understand the different kinds of t-shirts when it comes to screen printing
Photo by Parker Burchfield on Unsplash

What does this mean?

It means that you must become a consumer of the product first. If you plan on starting a line of t-shirts for your apparel brand you must understand the different shirts available for your customer and which ones you believe your customer will prefer. If you wouldn’t wear it, it’s likely your customer won’t either. You must consider not only where you will get the shirts from but the different fits of the shirts. Fit and comfort change across brands so you must sample around to discover what will work for your brand and your consumers.

An option that John has used and loved is the BELLA + CANVAS shirts. You can check them out here.


Have a Size Run for Screen printing

This one seems intuitive but more often than not, this information is not given to the screen printer, leaving them not knowing which sizes you need more of. These are decisions you must make before seeking out a screen-printer.


Pantone Book for Screen Printing
Photo by John Rodriguez on Unsplash

Color is more than just ROYGBIV. Telling your screen printer that you want your design to be red is too vague. There are what feels like an infinite amount of shades of red and if you leave your screen printer to choose which red, you might not end up with what you initially wanted. A game-changing tool to help you figure out the color you want is what they call a Pantone Book. Knowing the color and color code associated with that color helps the screen printer deliver the product you want.


Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

You know they say size doesn’t matter… but in this situation size is everything. Before you even meet with a screen printer you need to know what dimensions you would like the design to be. Should it be 1 inch on the left chest or 10 inches in the middle of the shirt? Dimension and placement are again going to help the screen printer deliver the product that you want and often in a quicker manner.

These four key points all lead back to being organized when it comes to your brand. Being organized doesn’t only help the screen printer but it helps you as well in the long run. Any successful business or brand has to have a certain level of organization to achieve the success it seeks.

Austin spoke on this as well. In the first two years of screen printing for his customers, he refunded most of the orders because there were issues and mistakes on every batch. He continued to learn and became organized in the years that followed. However, he later learned organization should come before everything else. Do not wait to get organized as you will not just be hurting yourself but your customers as well.

The organization of your brand or business directly falls in line with your goals. Austin mentioned how he began sitting down every day and writing his goals until they were fine-tuned enough to put strategy behind them.

As Austin said:


But above all else, remember your WHY.

"Your why must be greater than all your insecurities"- Austin Boyd

Now I've outlined a few of the nuggets of knowledge you must have before screen printing, but if you're serious about launching your apparel brand through screen printing, I suggest tuning in to the whole video to see the big picture. Don't wait! Everything you need to know is right here!

Why Most Brands Fail with Screen Printing: From The Ground Up Live Training with Austin Boyd

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