Designing A Clothing Line The Right Way

By Jonathan Santos
Mar 01, 2021
Designing A Clothing Line The Right Way
By Jonathan Santos x Published Aug 14, 2020 x EducationStreetwear

From concept to finished product, the most frequently overlooked process is the design stage. New apparel entrepreneurs are quick to dismiss the importance of creating collections, and staggering out their product drops in order to captivate their audience and increase sales. In the latest video collaboration with Mike Leisure, we dive into the art of design and what you should consider before spending money on making products.

Here are some of the points he makes and ways to apply it to your own brand.

What makes a brand a brand?

As an Art Director for brands such as Five Four, Menlo, Grand AC and New Republic, Mike worked alongside fashion designers. He was able to witness what made a brand a brand and it all begins with a deep rooted understanding of the lifestyle and emotion you are trying to portray.

How Mood Boards Help

Mood Boards are not just for your clothing designs, they are also used to depict the life of your audience, and the story behind the collection. A moodboard should help set the direction of your inspiration, and allow you to expand on the idea at hand.

How To Create Your Mood Board

As you create your next collection some things to keep in mind is how your consumer will use and wear your products. From the styles you launch, to the graphics that are printed on them. They all serve a purpose, that is inspired from the lifestyle you are living in everyday life.

It’s important that you can understand the lifestyle you are designing for, as everyday travel and situations will help you narrow in on that collection.

Promoting Your Designs

Once you understand what you are designing for, you can release your collections as drops, that are staggered out to help you build hype and demand for your products.

Most importantly they allow your consumer to save up and pick up the pieces that resonate most with them.

For the full video tutorial where we expand on this topic, make sure you checkout the latest video on our YouTube Channel.

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