What Is The Best Security Camera For Your Business?

By Christy Banda
Mar 13, 2021
What Is The Best Security Camera For Your Business?
By Christy Banda x Published Mar 20, 2021 x Getting StartedEducation

Before getting into business and home security, there are a few things to understand before considering any sort of security system. Security systems can be broken down into 2 categories: Proactive and Reactive.


A proactive system typically consists of armed/unarmed guards or a system being monitored by a human keeping tabs on the camera. This method of security is geared to stopping a crime before it happens.
However, the major thing to keep note of when it comes to a proactive system is the cost. The expense of having an armed or an unarmed guard standing watch for your business or home can rack up a hefty bill!


A reactive system reacts through sensors that are activated when a door has been tripped or a window has been smashed after a crime has been committed. When this occurs, you recieve a text or notification on your phone alerting you that your alarm is set off. Depending on what system you have, you will either have to call the authorities yourself or the system provider will notify you that an unarmed guard will be sent out.
This is why most business and home owners go for a reactive system.

Reactive Systems On The Market

Now that you understand the two main types of surveillance, let's talk about your options. Two popular reactive monitoring systems include: Ring and SimpliSafe. Both systems work similarly, using either Zigbee or Z wave technology that allows you to install these yourselves and connect other smart devices that you can control from your phone like door locks or lights.

As for security, they both work the same way: when someone has triggered an alarm window, opens a door or trips a motion sensor, Ring/SimpliSafe’s monitoring center is notified. Once alerted they contact you to verify what's going on and depending on the situation, they will call a guard or law enforcement.


The equipment cost for Ring can vary depending on how many sensors are needed for your home/business, the standard 8 piece business kit runs for $249. With Ring there are no contracts, you can pay monthly for $10 a month.

Now with SimpliSafe, the advertised 8 piece business kit with interactive monitoring is $315. Similar to Ring, there are no contracts, you can pay additional $15 a month.

Deep Sentinel

As technology continues to get better, there is a new player in the market that you should consider, Deep Sentinel. Instead of having someone monitor your home or business, this system utilizes HD cameras with AI that is built directly into the hub. The AI is your personal 24/7 guard that can detect people walking up to your business. The best part about the camera is it's 2 way speaker with a loud 102DB siren that will be sure to scare anyone off.

The hub is extremely intelligant, it takes 2 seconds for the system to separate potential threats like humans versus useless events like cars driving by. If a threat is detected, it will alert a live guard within 10 seconds and they will analyze the stream in real time. They can then warn them to get off the property or call law enforcement if needed. All of this happens in under 30 seconds!

The Deep Sentinel business package includes: 3 Wireless Cameras, Smart Hub with AI Processor, 4 Rechargeable Batteries, Screw Mounts, Signage, and DIY Self-Install Kit. This package will run you $699 plus a 1 year contract of $100 dollars a month. 30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

Don't let the price drive you away, remember what you are getting! Deep Sentinel has integrated both Proactive and Reactive security: it does not wait to respond only after a crime has been committed, it tries to prevent crime before it happens.

All in all, when it comes to security for your home or business, consider various factors that contribute to your needs and how your system of choice is able to asses them.

Want to dive in deeper on the Best Security System for your Home or Business? Watch our latest video here

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